Real Time Gaming’s Megasaur Online Slots

Players who harbour a dream of time-travel and, if this dream were realised, would head back to the Triassic period to interact with dinosaurs, will particularly enjoy Megasaur slots from Real Time Gaming. Not only is the Jurassic Park-style fantasy fulfilled, but the chance to win hefty prizes and take advantage of generous bonuses is granted as well.

Real money cash prizes are available for Megasaur players who manage to locate velociraptors; pterodactyls; triceratops and diplodocus, but the top reward is reserved for those who manage to land the megasaurs –the green and red beasts are able to activate the bonus games which include wild megasaurs; scatter volcanoes; an extra feature; a feature guarantee and the jackpot.

This slots game is also available for mobile players to enjoy as well and most tablets and smartphones are able to whisk players back to the land before time with the simple flick of the wrist.

Possible Payouts per Prehistoric Predator

The terrible pterodactyls and vicious velociraptors are able to grant players 250 coins, and the bigger dinosaurs carry rewards linked to their sizes: the large the animal the higher the prize. 750 coins are available for the dozy diplodocus, and as many as 1 000 for the terrible triceratops.

The star of this show is the Megasaur, however, and they are able to consume all the other animals in order to create combinations that boost the player’s bankroll whenever they appear. The green beast is able to appear wild on the second reel; the reds get rowdy on the fourth; and all prizes that these are able to help the player accrue will double in value. The scatter symbol volcano icons are able to multiply total bets by as much as 300 times, and trigger the feature available for the game as well.

Three volcanoes will appear, and players will be asked to select one in order to reveal their free spins prize. Two; five or ten complimentary spins are available, and this feature is also certain to appear within 250 spins. The game also has a progressive jackpot available, and players will need the help of the volcanoes in order to access it to. Five appearing will grant them 100% of the prize money available; four will reward them with 20% of the total; and even three will add 10% of the jackpot total to the player’s prize money.

Stakes Available for Megasaur Online Slots

Although the dinosaur symbols are big ones for Megasaur, the antes are not, and players of a wide array of betting-stake preferences will be able to find the amount they are happy with. The paylines are fixed, and all 25 will always be active, but coin combinations of 1.25; 2.5 and 5 are available.

Further, players are able to take this RTG online slots game for a test-run if they wish to, and can try it out completely free for as long as they would like. This is an excellent way to make sure the game is able to offer the player what he or she is looking for, and can significantly increase winnings thanks to the fact that players gain confidence when engaging with familiar icons and play.